Mysubwaycard: Register, Activate & Check Subway Gift Card Balance

Mysubwaycard is the Subway Git Card made for Subway users. You can get free Sandwiches, or other Foods from Subway Restaurant by using Subway Gift Cards. Most the People like to Eat Sandwiches that’s why Subway Restaurant is their Kitchen. And When we talk about Testy Sandwiches, you will trust no one but Subway Only.

Subway is an American submarine-style Sandwich Restaurant that operates in several Locations all around the world. with its unique offerings and healthier alternatives to Fast Food Subway Restaurant has acquired a key position in the Eyes of Customers and Competitors.

Subway is the Famous Fast Food Chain all over the world for its tasty and unique Fast food dishes. Subway is a chain of fast-food restaurants that primarily sells Subs and Salads that are widely popular in the United States and Canada. Subway is the fastest-growing franchise in the world, founded in 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, U. S. by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck.

The inspiration behind Subway’s name is the Sandwiches that are served at their place. These sandwiches look like submarines and are called Subs. At the moment Subway has more than 44000 more than 100 countries. Subway is the Largest single-brand restaurant Chain and the Largest Restaurant operator in the World. The Most iconic items sold at Subway are Subs, wraps, salads, and baked goods.

Subway’s international headquarters are located in Milford, Connecticut, having Five Regional centers supporting the company’s international operations. The regional offices for European franchises are located in Amsterdam (Netherlands), the Australian and New Zealand locations are supported by Brisbane (Australia), the Asian locations are supported by offices in Beirut (Lebanon) and Singapore, and the Latin American support center is in Miami.

Subway’s menu varies between countries. The Main Product of the subway is Submarine Sandwich. Besides that, Subway also sells Wraps, Salads, and baked items such as cookies, doughnuts, and muffins.

Whenever it’s a Holiday or a special occasion have you been thinking of the best gift for your friends? Well!  Gift cards are the best gift ideas and Subway has every feature of sending a present or gift to your loved ones. If the person is far away from you or has a tight and busy schedule then It would be possible to send the Subway Gift Card to him or her.

If you are out along with your friends, relatives, or your own Family at Lovely Night and you want to treat them with Delicious Fast Food, or Healthy Meals then Subway is the best that speedy moves your thoughts. Mysubwaycard is the Best choice to get free Sandwiches and other Foods online from their official website

There are many benefits of using the Mysubwcard when you buy something from the Subway website. Mysubwaycard offers numerous fast meal objects like Sandwiches. When you purchase meals online from Subway then you need to get rewards and more cut-price coupons.

If you are a Mysubwaycard Holder then you can get a lot of benefits like Subway Gift Card Registration, Activation, and Check Mysubwaycard Balance Online through their official Website i.e. To Get offers, deals, and more benefits online from Subway you need to sign in and log in to, and then you are able to redeem this gift card after ordering something from Subway Store.

About Subway, Inc. History

First thing first, it may be better to dig more about what Subway, Inc. is. For your information, Subway Company is one of the largest and 2most popular sandwich chains in the United States. Starting the operation in 1965, Fred DeLuca as the founder loaned $1000 from his friend, Dr. Peter Buck who became his partner in founding a submarine sandwich shop. For one thing, Fred hoped that the profit of his small shop could help him pay the school fees and reach his dream to be a medical doctor.

The first shop was opened in Connecticut, the United States in the same year. At that time, Freed and Peter set impressive goals as they had to open 32 Sandwich Stores with ten years of operation. Then, they started to learn all the basic things about running a business. Getting a lot of trouble and loss of profit, they did not give up as they tried to give the best in every single action they did. And, guess next? These duo-owned were succeeded in opening 16 submarine sandwich shops across Connecticut within not more than ten years of operation. Cool!


Realizing that running 32 store goals in time was not a piece of cake, Fred and Peter started to launch the Subway Brand as its legalized store franchising. So, it became the great starting point that showed Subway’s remarkable growth up to this day. And now, the Subway Brand has become the world’s biggest submarine sandwich shop that has expanded into more than 40K Subway Locations.

So as you know, those locations spread in almost all countries in the United States and internationally. Continuing Fred’s Vision of Subway Brands, the Subway Teams are passionate to be the prior choice for customers looking for quick and nutritious meal options that are enjoyable for whole families and friends. Then, to continue its growth, Subway is committed to serving fresh, healthy, and delicious sandwiches in front of customers.


Alright! We all know that Subway Restaurant is a specialist sandwich chain. Talking about production, Subway teams have mixed and combined the originality of homemade sandwiches with a lot of great ingredients and recipes. Of course, the aims are to serve the originality of Southern and Western taste that will make the customers feel like in a home. No worries, Subway has completed its production with a suitable portion of nutrition. Even, the restaurant opens a large chance to the customers in consulting their nutrition needs with the nutrition consultant services. Additionally, customers can free to check the Subway Menu Nutrition on its official website address at Well, here are the Subway Menu Productions that must you try, such as:

  • Featured Products
  • Signature Wraps
  • Fresh Fit Choices
  • Breakfast
  • Salads
  • Fresh Fit for Kids
  • And Sides Drink, as well as the Extras.


As the great submarine sandwich chain, Subway Company has promised to not only produce great quality meals but also complete it with full-of-heart customer service. However, Subway believes that customers are the priority of its successful goals. As long the customers are satisfied, it means that the goals are achieved. Hence, every single action it does is especially given to reach the customers’ satisfaction.

Well, Subway, Inc. does serve not only great meals but also some services. Not to mention, the customers must be happy with the great store appearances, order options, easiness, employees’ friendliness, and services, as well as creating MySubwayCard Services. Those services have accompanied the customers’ needs and led them to feel the full satisfaction of spending their eatery time with Subway, Inc.

Mysubwaycard Official Website


What Is MySubwayCard? 

MySubwayCard is such as an electronic Subway Gift Card that is usable for all transactions with Subway Sandwich Chains. As long you have a MySubwayCard Account, you may feel no longer confused about ordering Subway Menu. Yes, a Subway Gift Card will make it easier. Not to mention, you may be glad when you can get the most delicious sandwich as well you can treat the families with your favorite sandwich. And. All those aims may be easy and helpful when you have passed the MySubwayCard Registration Process and earned your Subway Card Point.

Any individual of the MySubwayCard owner can pay for a Subway Gift Card of about $5.00 up to $100.00. Those amounts may be earnable as long they use them for every transaction at All Subway Locations. To activate the MySubwayCard Account, the company has prepared as its official website for MySubwayCard Registration, login, as well as accessing the MySubwayCard Balance account. Please keep in mind, how well this company treats you where the Subway Card Point can lead them to win a Subway Reward. The rewards may be variously related to the Subway Promotions and Offers.

What Is a Subway Gift Card?

Subway Gift Cards can get online through the Subway Official Website or by visiting the Subway Restaurant. Subway users can free chips Drinks and many more food items by earning Reward Points through Subway Restaurants. If you are a regular customer then you can get free meals and discount coupons every month.

If the customer earns enough points then they can get free sandwiches. Subway Gift Cards are electronic cards that can be used at any Subway restaurant to Pay for a meal. Also, Customers are able to receive the Special Offers on Subway Gift Cards.

Customers who will Register for the first time will get the Subway Points worth $50. The Subway Gift cards can be sent to anyone to let them enjoy the free Meal from Subway. Customers can load the Amount up to $500 in the Subway Gift Cards and reload it anytime. there are no Expiry Dates for the Subway Gift Cards.

What Is Subway eCard?

Subway ecards are the digital versions of Subway Gift Cards that can be sent to the user’s Email Address, or Phone, as an alternative to their bodily address. Subway eCards can also be Personalized with Your personal photos. You will get the e-card almost immediately, but you can as well pick to delay the gift card up to a month or even a year in the future which is immense for those instances.

But if you find out that you have forgotten about it, you can quickly order it now. Just know that any time you wish to get your e-card, you will get it without query. Once you order the e-card, you should also set the send date ahead of time.

Features Of Subway Gift Cards

Here below are the features of the Mysubwaycard.

  • You are able to Load the Subway Gift Card from $5 up to $250.
  • You will receive some offers from Subway. For instance, you are able to get a discount for all items sold by Subway. Besides, you may get a free drink or salad.
  • You can view the reward points you own by checking on the Mysubwaycard sign on the web. On this portal, you can see the list of the menu as well. You can know which food is in the promotion. This way, you can get the meal at a low price.
  • The kids can use this card too. But, when you register the card, the user should be more than 13 years old. It means, your children can use your card to enjoy fresh food from Subway. So, the Subway card can be a precious gift for your loved one.
  • There is no expiration date for this card. As long as you reload this card, you can use it forever. Moreover, there is no extra fee to reload your card.
  • The large business can order many cards as gifts for employee performance. But, if you want to purchase the cards in a large number, you should contact customer service first. It is because you cannot buy more than ten cards via the web. Your staff will be happy to receive My Subway Card.

Why Mysubwaycard Portal?

Mysubwaycard is a Web Portal that allows its Customers to keep a unique Subway Gift card in order to Register, Activate, Manage, and test the stability of their present cards online. Customers can able to reload their Gift cards. With every use of the gift card, the customer is able to Earn Reward Points. These Reward Points can be used to get Food like drinks, chips, or even sandwiches at their place. These cards are not only useful but you have to send them as a gift to your friends and relatives. Subway Gift cards are similar to Credit or Debit Cards and work in the same way as the Payment. Portal Benefits

When you access the Portal, you can enjoy some features. All of them will help the customers manage their electronic Subway Card, Here the menus are:

  • Buy a Card

The first thing is to buy a card. In this case, the customers can get a Gift Card and deliver it to their family or friends. Then, for large numbers of card orders for any corporation, the customers can click the menu Corporate Card Orders. Even, the general discussion of this occupation is available on the menu “Subway Card FAQs.”

  • Manage Your Account

Then, the second menu may cover the occupations of registration, logging in as well as reporting the lost Subway Card.

  • Learn More about Subway Reward

For the last, the reward menu may give rich information about the Subway Reward of the card points you have. Well, the customers can join Subway Reward and get a large opportunity to win the reward. Take it easy; this menu is complete with any FAQs about Subway Reward.

When a customer wants to join Subway Reward, they must have a MySubwayCard Account and access Then, they can input the Subway Card Credential Number and choose the menu Subway Reward. Take it easy; the site has several information and guides that are easy to understand and follow.


About Official Mysubwaycard Portal At is the Ideal Option For Sandwich Lovers who visit the Subway outlet regularly. As soon as you register On the Official Website of, You will Get Instant Rewards, through which you can Get a Good Discount on the Next Meals on Subway. MySubwayCard is basically a Loyalty Program by Subway Restaurants that Allows its Users to Earn Money in Return for Every Purchase at Subway Restaurants which can be used later on the Further Purchases. Mysubwaycard is Easy to Use and Provides Subway Customers with some Delicious Offers. All these Programs are Beneficial for Brand Marketing and Customer Retirement for a Longer Period of Time.

MySubwayCard Reviews

Mysubwaycard is a Gift card provided by the American privately held restaurant franchise Subway. These Cards come in two Forms, i.e. Physical Cards and eCards. The Main Use of These Cards is to Help Subway Customers to purchase Subway Sandwiches, Subway Drinks, Breakfast, Meal, Dinner, and other services with ease at Participating Subway Outlets across the United States of America.

Mysubwaycard Rewards

The Subway runs a Mysubwaycard Reward Program through which you can Earn a Point for Every dollar you Spend at the Subway outlets. Example: If you purchased a Sub that costs $10 then you will get 10 Points Credited to your Account. You are able to keep on piling these Points and Redeem them according to your need.

Also, you can get a Subway Gift Card which comes pre-loaded with 50 Points. These points will be unlocked after you Register Your Subway Gift Card at or Website without Paying Single Penny. There is no Expiration Date on your Subway Gift Card, you can use your Card as long as it has a sufficient Balance.

In Case of any Technical Issue and the Subway, Cashier is not able to use your Card then you have to ask for a Form which you need to Fill out Completely and then Mail to the Address mentioned in the Form along with your Subway Receipt. After the Company Receives your Filled Form, they will Manually Add those Points to your Account.

You are also able to Check the Status just By Login into your Subway Online Account at Website. The Minimum Amount of Subway Points you can Redeem every time is 10 and there may be some cases where you are able to Purchase your Meal without Paying a single dollar.

In Addition to this Subway has Also included some Free Stuff like chips, salads, coffees, soda pops, and much more. Subway puts a lot of effort into making sure that you have a great time in their Restaurants. Here below Few Details related to Mysubwaycard Rewards:

  • The Subway Rewards can be earned from the Subway Gift Cards
  • You are able to earn 4 Tokens for every dollar you spend
  • When you hit 200 tokens you will earn a $2 Reward you can use to Buy anything from Subway outlets in the future.
  • Subway also offers “Surprise Rewards”, so you never know what new surprise reward will be in your account the next time you check
  • In order to get Subway Reward Points when you make the Subway Purchase, you’ll need to do one of the following: 1. You need To Purchase by scanning your online Subway Card using the Subway app
    2. Make the Purchase by swiping a registered physical Subway Gift Cards
    3. Give the Subway Restaurant your Mobile Number

Subway MVP Rewards

The Previous SubwayMyWay Rewards has been changed to the new Subway MVP Rewards. It is the New Loyalty Program with More Points, More Ways to Earn – and of Course, More Subs. As part of its loyalty refresh, Subway made the program easier for guests to sign up, earn, and redeem points from Advance to Pro and All-Star. All the Customers of Subway can join Subway’s new MVP Rewards, use the Subway app, or enter your phone number at the register when dining in the restaurant.

The Subway® MVP Rewards are available at participating restaurants. Points may not be earned on third-party delivery orders, ezCater catering orders, or purchases of gift cards. The Subway® MVP Rewards are for New members only. There Are No purchases necessary for Subway® MVP Rewards. Bonus points will be automatically added to the customer’s Subway® MVP Rewards account. Points may take up to 72 hours to appear in the account.

  • Pro – It is the introductory tier, spending less than $200 per year
    • 250-point signing bonus for new members
    • 10 points per $1 spent on qualifying purchases
    • 5% bonus points on mobile orders
    • Members-only deals, bonus point days, and earning challenges
    • Birthday and anniversary rewards
  • Captain – $200 annual spend
    • Includes All Pro tier benefits
    • Better birthday and anniversary rewards
    • 10% more points per $1 spent on qualifying purchases
    • Exclusive bonus point days
    • Access to members-only Subway Swag Shop
  • All-Star – $400 annual spend
    • Includes All Captain tier benefits
    • Even better birthday and anniversary rewards
    • 20% more points per $1 spent on qualifying purchases
    • Free Chip Fridays — with purchase
    • More bonus points days
    • Access to members-only VIP exclusives – coming soon

Benefits Of Using the Mysubwaycard Portal

  • Through the MySubwayCard portal, you can check your Subway gift card balance.
  • Through the MySubwayCard portal, you can check your Subway gift card transaction history.
  • Through the MySubwayCard portal, you can keep track of Subway MyWay rewards and tokens.
  • Through the MySubwayCard portal, you can reload your Subway gift card.
  • Through the MySubwayCard portal, you can keep track of Subway MyWay offers.

MySubwayCard Terms and Conditions

In line with other electronic cards, My Subway Card has some terms and conditions that the owners must follow. Take it easy, the rules are completely easy as each customer is going to agree. And, here the terms and conditions are:

  • When the customers lose their Subway Card, they must report it to customer service at 1-877-697-8222 ASAP. Then, they can wait for the new card within 3 weeks of the report.
  • For a large number of Subway Cards, the owners must make an appointment with Subway Company first. This condition may happen in a corporation that is going to give Subway cards to the employees. This rule may exist for more than ten cards, and the teams are available at 1-888-445-9239 ext. 1273.
  • Each individual can purchase a Subway Card in not more than ten cards as well which helps the security system maintenance.
  • MySubwayCard Balance is not redeemable with cash.

The Step-by-Step MySubwayCard Registration Process

Well! It is obvious that the Subway Electronic Card is the right choice to enjoy the Subway Menu without worrying about the payment transaction. With a MySubwayCard Account, the customers can pay with no cash or, they are able to earn the MySubwayCard Balance because of each transaction. Of course, it looks like you are interested in activating your Subway Card Account. Well, here are the following steps that you can follow at to register, such as:

  • Step one:

Subway Customers can prepare an electronic device to access the portal. It may be a set of computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Each of them must have at least one of the current versions of the Browser as it must be able to get a strong internet connection. Be sure that they must be familiar with using English or Spanish.

  • Step two:

The customers can visit the official website at Or, they may locate Subway’s Official Website Address at Then, they can select “Subway Card.”

  • Step there:

Shortly After getting the Registration Portal, the customers must select “Register Your Card” from the Manage your Account Menu. So that you know, the Portal shows you three menus; those are “Buy a Card,” “Manage a Card,” and “Learn more about Reward.”

  • Step four:

Then, you will see the MySubwayCard Registration Landing Page. There, you need to select “Sign-in” on don’t have an account option. Next, they should fill out the information about their personal information, and email, create the password, provide the phone number then tap on “I Agree to the Subway App/ Ordering Terms and Subway MyWay™ Rewards Terms.”

  • Step five:

Finally, they are able to click on “Create an Account” and start enjoying the Subway Card Features.

For the next action, when you have activated your MySubwayCard Account, you may access Login easily by following these simple steps, such as:

  • First, you can visit or
  • Then, you can choose “Subway Card” or directly click on Already have an account, Log in now.
  • After that, you need to type in the email and password on the appeared boxes. There, you must be careful as the site is very sensitive to any characters or spaces.
  • At last, you can click on the “Sign in” button.

Mysubwaycard Login Process

Before using Subway Gift Cards you need to Register at the website. And If you want to Register Mysubwaycard online then you need to Create an Account with Subway’s Official Website. Once you have created your account by providing the relevant information such as a valid e-mail address and then choosing a suitable password, you need to proceed with attaching your cards to your account. Here Below is the Complete step-by-step process to Register Your Subway Gift Card at Website:

  1. First Go through the website from your PC or Smartphone.
  2. Now Click on the button “Register a Card” and you’ll be redirected to the Sign-Up Page.
  3. Now Enter your Personal details like Name, Email Address, Password, Mobile Number, and Address.
  4. Now Provide your My Subway Reward Card credentials like your contact info and PIN. Make sure you provide the right PIN because that’s the only way they will verify you.
  5. Now Click on the ‘’Submit’ button after finishing the form.
  6. and your registration process will end.

After successfully registering, your Subway Gift Card You can now log in at Website. Here Below is the step-by-step guide To the Mysubwaycard Login Portal:

  • Go through the MySubwayCard Website
  • Now Click on the Person Icon
  • Now Fill Your Email Address
  • Enter Your Password
  • Now Click on the “Sign In” Button
  • Finally, Your login process will end. You can now check your account.

Mysubwaycard Registration/Login

Mysubwaycard Activation And Manage Your Account

After Successfully logging in to the Mysubwaycard Account you can Activate and Manage your Subway Gift Card at Website. Here Below is the Complete step-by-step process To Activate your Mysubwaycard and Manage your Subway Account Online:

  1. For the activation of the card, visit from any device.
  2. Click on the “My Cards” button and you’ll be redirected to a login portal.
  3. Once you visit the login page, all you have to do is provide the My Subway Card credentials like username and password. If you forget your credentials then you can reset them anytime you want.
  4. After that, you finally click on the “Submit” button and your login process will end. You can now check your account.
  5. So now basically whenever you buy a meal at Subway restaurant, you have to visit, log in with your credentials, and enter the pin or code that will be provided on your bill. When you submit that, you will earn free points. Once the points are enough, you will get a free meal or discount coupons online which can be redeemed at the restaurant.

Mysubwaycard Features

How To Check Your Subway Gift Card Balance?

In Order to Check your Subway Gift Card Balance Customers need to Prepare their Subway Gift Cards Number along with their Card Security Code. Here below are the following ways in which you can Check “Subway Gift Card Balance”. You need to follow the instructions and Check Mysubwaycard Balance.


  1. In Order to Check Mysubwaycard Balance Online, You need to visit the website and click on the “Subway card” button. Log in and check all the details. Check the balance of your Mysubway card.
  2. You can check your Subway Gift Card Balance through Customer Support just need to contact the customer service Number (1-8333-778-2929) to know the Mysubway Card balance.
  3. If you want to Check your Subway Gift Card Balance Offline then you need to Visit the nearest Subway outlet. There the employees will help you with knowledge about all the details of your Subway Gift Card.

Check Balance Online

  • First, you need to visit the website or which is specifically designed to Check Subway Gift Card Balance online.
  • After logging in at, you need to click on the “Check Balance” button located on the top right of your account`s page.
  • Now Enter Your Subway Gift Card Number and access PIN.
  • After Typing Both details, Just Click On the “Check Balance” button. The Balance will show on your screen.


Check Mysubwaycard Balance By Customer Support

  • First, You need to Call Subway Gift Card Support by dialing the Number 1-877-697-8222
  • Now Recorded Voice will answer and give you a list of options, you need to press 1 to Check Your Gift card Balance.
  • After That Enter Your Gift Card Number along with your PIN Number.
  • Now Listen For Your Prepaid Gift card balance.

Check Subway Gift Card Balance Offline 

The Subway Gift Cards can be used at any participating Subway Restaurant in the United States of America and Canada. Almost every Subway Location should take the Subway Gift Card. You can also use the Find a Subway Store Tool in order to obtain the Phone Number of the Subway in your area and call ahead. You just need to provide your basic details such as your 16-digit Subway gift card number and the 4-digit PIN number to check Subway your balance. Subway Gift Cards can also be redeemed online at or through the Subway Mobile App.

Mysubwaycard Check Balance

Smart Ways to Earn Subway Rewards Point

In general, all people can earn their Subway Card Points automatically when they use that card for any transaction. Also, they may get some additional points for some special events. We have collected some smart ways to maximize Subway Card Point Earnings. And, here the ways are:

  • Use your Subway Card Point Outside the Promotion Month

As mentioned above, Subway Card Company is the best food chain that serves the best treatment for all customers. One of the treatments is about creating a promotion month. In that month, the restaurant will set the low price of some Subway Menus. Not to mention, you can redeem your point when you get more than $8.00 per footlong sandwich instead of $5.00 promotions.

  • Avoid the Discount Program

The second treatment is about to give some discount programs for any special menu such as Ham, Cold Cut, or BLT. In this case, it is better not to use the coupon.

  • Redeem Subway Card Point in a Regular Subs

The most expensive Subway Menu is Footlong Subs. Well, you can redeem your Subway Card Point when it sells it at its regular price. Yes, you don’t need to pay cash and enjoy the most expensive Footlong Subs ever.

  • Get Subway Card Points for Collecting the Points

At last, to earn your Subway Point, you can order a cheap sandwich. For the tricks, you can order as many as possible on the promotion month or discount programs while your purchasing will earn your points. For the next, you can use your points outside the promotion or discount program. It is better to get the most delicious and expensive menu without paying any dollars.

Lists of Subway Menu that is redeemable with MySubwayCard Point

Alright, there are some Subway Menus that are redeemable for any Subway card points. Please bear in mind how well MySubwayCard works and serves the customers. When you have a high MySubwayCard Balance, you are able to get almost no fees for some purchasing you do. That sound is great, isn’t it? Then, here are the following lists of Subway Menu that you can try using your electronic Subway Card, such as:

  • 10 MySubwayCard points = one cookie
  • 15 MySubwayCard points = single-serve size
  • 20 MySubwayCard points = a fountain drink
  • 30 MySubwayCard points = bottled drink or coffee
  • 35 MySubwayCard points = flatbread or breakfast sandwich
  • 50 MySubwayCard points = a regular 6-inch sandwich
  • 75 MySubwayCard points = regular or breakfast footlong
  • And, 100 MySubwayCard points = premium flatbread or footlong.

The Step-by-Step Process To Redeem the MySubwayCard Points

When you meet the right time to redeem the point, you must be happy as you can enjoy a lot of menus for free without any dollars. In this case, you are able to invite your friends or family as you can treat them without any worries. And, here step by step to redeem Subway Card Points for any free Subway Menu, such as:

  • Step one, you need to visit and check your Subway Card Balance.
  • After making sure that your point is enough, you may visit Subway Locations.
  • Then, you can order a Subway Menu based on the point you have.

Besides the in-store services, you may redeem your Subway Card Coupon by ordering online at or via the Subway Mobile Application.

Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey Program: TellSubway

The third treatment is about joining the customer survey program. Well, Friends! Subway Company creates TellSubway as its online customer survey. There, the customers can complete a series of questionnaires that represent the level of customer satisfaction. Even, the customers can win a free Subway Cookie. It is the best idea where you want to share any complaints, suggestions as well as recommendations with Subway Company. To access the survey, the customers must have the receipt which contains the survey invitation codes, and complete the questions at Within not more than five minutes, the customers can get a chance to win a Subway Cookie. What a great survey!

What Is Subway Gold Card?

The Subway Gold Card is a special loyalty program that is designed for Subway enthusiasts who want to enjoy exclusive rewards and privileges. It provides the Cardholders with a host of benefits, including discounts, freebies, and personalized offers, making every visit to Subway a delightful experience. Here are some Features of the Subway Gold Card:

  • Users of the Subway Gold Card can receive exclusive discounts on selected Subway menu items.
  • Cardholders can earn points with every purchase and redeem them for free Subway Sandwiches.
  • Subway Gold Card Users can celebrate their special day with a complimentary Birthday Gift from Subway.
  • Cardholders can get early access to new menu items and promotions before they are available to the general public.

What Is Subway Black Card?

The Subway Black Card is the exclusive Rewards Program which is designed for Subway’s Most Loyal Customers. This invitation-only card provides a range of premium benefits and privileges that elevate customers’ Subway Experience to New Heights. The Subway Black Card is a highly exclusive program and only a few individuals are chosen to become cardholders. With the Subway Black Card, cardholders can gain access to a range of premium features and benefits that are sure to enhance the customer’s Experience. Here are some Features of the Subway Black Card:

  • With the Subway Black Card, the Cardholders can upgrade their regular-sized Subway sandwich to a footlong without any additional charge.
  • Cardholders can receive personalized menu recommendations based on their preferences and dietary restrictions.
  • The Subway Black Cardholders can Get invitations to special Subway events, tastings, and product launches.
  • Users are able to access a dedicated customer support line for any questions or queries.

What Is Subway Live IQ?

Subway Live IQ is an Online software tool which is designed for Subway Restaurant employees and employees. It serves as the most valuable tool that provides real-time stats and insights to optimize the restaurant’s performance and drive success. Subway Live IQ offers a comprehensive range of features designed to enhance operational efficiency and management control. Subway Live IQ has some features like Live IQ mobile, Reporting, Administration, Surveillance, and much more. With Subway Live IQ Employees and Subway partners can get real-time access to critical insights and data on the go. It also provides a user-friendly mobile application, that empowers users to access insights on the go. The app also provides a comprehensive dashboard view of sales performance, productivity reports, and KPI data.  Its mobile-friendly design ensures an optimized experience on any device.

Common Tips For Managing Subway Gift Card Balance

If you want to make the most of your Subway Gift Card and avoid any inconveniences, then Consider some Tips to Manage your Subway Gift Card Balance:

  • Keeping Track of the Balance: Check regularly Your Subway Gift Card Balance to stay informed about the funds available on your Subway Purchase. In this way, you can plan your meals accordingly and avoid surprises.
  • Reloading and Redeeming Subway Cards: When Your Subway Gift Card Balance runs very low, save the remaining balance during your next visit to the Subway outlets. You can also reload your Subway Gift Cards with additional funds to continue enjoying the delicious meals and sandwiches.
  • Subway Terms and Card Expiration: Stay updated with your Gift Card’s expiration date and Terms. Most Subway Gift cards have expiration periods, while others might have some specific terms and conditions to use. Knowing all these details will ensure you make the most of your Subway Gift Cards before expiring.

Safety and Security Considerations of Subway Gift Cards 

When You manage the Subway Gift card balance, you must prioritize the safety and security of your Subway Cards. Make sure to keep the considerations in your Mind;

  • Protract Your Subway Gift Cards: Customers need to treat their Subway Gift Cards similarly to cash and keep them in a safe place. You should also avoid sharing your Gift Card details with anyone that you don’t trust or provide them with access to your Subway Gift Cards.
  • Be Aware of Scammers: Subway Gift Cardholders should be cautious of any suspicious emails, messages, or Phone Calls that claim to offer the Subway Gift Card balance check process. Scammers may try to obtain your gift card information or Personal Details through fraudulent activity. So always verify the legitimacy of any communication before sharing any kinds of sensitive details.
  • Official Channels: When Subway Gift Card holders Check their Subway Gift card Balance or Take Customer Support, then they need to rely on official Subway Platforms like the official website, mobile app, or authorized customer support channels. Customers need to avoid clicking on suspicious or Duplicate links that provide information on unauthorized websites.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting Steps

If you are facing any problems when checking your Subway Gift Card Balance, Then here are some troubleshooting steps that will resolve your Problem:

  • Incorrect Subway Gift Card Details: Always Double-check Your Subway Gift Card Number and PIN that you entered during the Subway Gift Card Check Balance Process. Make sure that you have provided the correct details without any mistakes.
  • Connectivity Problems: If you are facing any problems while Checking Your Subway Gift Card Balance online, or through a Mobile App, You have to always verify your Stable Internet Connection. Poor Internet connection may result in incomplete or failed inquiries.
  • Expired or Invalid Subway Gift Cards: If your Subway Gift Card is considered expired or Invalid during the Subway Gift Card Balance Check Process, It is recommended that to contact the Customer Support Department of Subway for further assistance. They will provide information on how to proceed to resolve the issues.

Subway Customer Support And Contact Details

Phone Number: 1 888 445 9239

Email Address:

Mailing Address:
Value Pay Services LLC
9200 S. Dadeland Blvd. Suite 705 Miami,
Florida 33156

Online Contact Form

The Bottom Lines

Subway Gift Cards are Popular for people who enjoy the delicious and customizable sandwiches from the Subway Outlets. The Subway gift cards can be purchased online, in-store, or through authorized retailers in denominations ranging from $10 to $500, making them an ideal present for friends, family, and relatives.  Once purchased, the Subway card can be used like cash at any participating Subway location in the United States and Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Does SUBWAY® Gift Cards Balance Have Any Expiration Date?

Answer: No, the SUBWAY®gift card balance does not have an expiration date.

Question 2: Do SUBWAY® Gift Cards Have Any Subway Maintenance Fee?

Answer: No, SUBWAY® gift cards do not have any annual fees or maintenance fees.

Question 3: Where can I use my SUBWAY® Gift Card?

Answer: You can use the SUBWAY® Gift Card at any participating SUBWAY® restaurant in the U.S. & Canada or use it for placing orders online and even on the SUBWAY® mobile app.

Question 4: What if my Subway card gift card is Lost Or Stolen?

Answer: In cases where your card is damaged for any reason, we advise you to immediately contact an authorized customer service point. Find an authorized center near you fashionably on the phone.

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