Mysubwaycard Features, Benefits And Customer Service Details!

Mysubwaycard Features: Sandwiches are the most loved food in America And Canada because of their great taste, especially sandwiches from Subway®. If you are not able to prepare testy Sandwiches at your home then you can get them from Subway® Restaurants. But think, if you have the golden chance to grab free Sandwiches then will it be good for you or not? of course yes! but for that, you need to have your Subway Gift Cards®. And if you already own the Subway Gift Cards® Or recently you have got them from your friends or relatives as Gifts. Then before using it, you need to Register your Subway Gift Cards® at Website.

If you’re a Subway® Gift Cardholder or regular visitor of Subway® then Mysubwaycard would help you a lot. also, it would benefit you in all your transactions when you will pay for your food at subway® through your Subway® Gift Cards. The Portal is designed for you to Register, Login, Activate, Manage, And Check your Subway Gift Card Balance Online.

Other benefits of using Mysubwaycard are also given to contributors. You are able additionally to earn some points from your Subway Card. Then from the one’s points, you are also able to earn quite a lot of Rewards like Free Chips, Beverages, and Even Subway Sandwiches. This may be Reloadable in Any Subway Store.

The Subway Gift Cards are designed in a way to treat yourself and others with a prepaid voucher from Subway that can be redeemed at several thousands of locations across the country. Subway provides gifting the Healthy Foods Special with the ability to create your own Mysubwaycard gift card that can either be designed as a Physical Card or an eGift Card which you can send to someone special as the Gift. The best thing is that your Subway Gift Card is completely customized, where you can choose from 17 different Theme designs, or you can upload your own theme.

Also, These Gift cards come with lots of benefits such as Ease of Usage and Discounts. You can use these Gift Cards to present it to your friends, relatives, and other beloved Ones. These Gift Cards will be the Perfect Birthday or Anniversary Gift for you. you need not waste your valuable time in shopping malls for buying the perfect gift for your recipients.

Anyone who likes to Dine out at the Subway would surely take the benefits of these Gift Cards. And After Using it for paying at the Subway Restaurant will get you receive discounts and Subway Rewards. If you want to get a Subway Card then it’s quite easy. You need to Apply at the Subway Restaurant and they will send it by email or your Postal Address. Also, you can make the Subway card your perfect companion while you feast at the restaurant.

If you have already done Mysubwaycard Registration at website. then before using it, you need to Activate it. You are able to Activate and Check your Mysubwaycard Balance using three different methods. after Activating your Subway Gift Cards makes purchasing your Subway Sandwiches while at the same time Earning Points towards Rewards and Subway Offers.

In Order To Activate Mysubwaycard you need to create an account at creating an account at allows you to manage your cards and accounts. The account registration form asks for your Name, Date of Birth, Zip Code, Email Address, account password, and a security question and answer. After That, You will be sent a confirmation email. Following the link in the confirmation email grants, your access to your account on the Subway Website.

Features of Subway Gift Cards

Alright! Before accessing, it must be great when we talk about the features of this electronic card. Of course, we can say that it is one of the greatest Subway Services for all customers as it has rich useful features, such as:

  • MySubwayCard leads the owners to receive a lot of Subway Promotions and Offers. It is redeemable in an easy way as they can see the information on the printed receipt.
  • MySubwayCard is the ideal electronic card where the owners can get many Subway Points. Not to mention, they can win $50 Subway Card Points for the first time of MySubwayCard Registration. Even, they are able to get many points for every transaction they do.
  • Sufficient MySubwayCard points may help the owners get Subway Rewards. For example, they can enjoy a free sandwich, chips, beverages, or maybe additional points.
  • For the next, the owners may find it easy to reload the Subway Card amount of at least $5.00 to $50.00 and a maximum of $500.00 without any worries about the fees and expiration dates. In this case, MySubwayCard is renewable as long as the owners add the funds to the card. In an easy way, they can pay either with cash or a credit card.
  • MySubwayCard is the best gift idea for kids, family, friends, and even employees. For example, if you are running a small business, then MySubwayCard is the right choice to give the best services to your employees. Through this card, your employees can enjoy a fresh, healthy, and delicious meal at Subway Stores.
  • MySubwayCard is secure and safe. So that you know, Subway Company protects every single MySubwayCard Account with its great technological security services. Even, the process is very easy and the owners only need to verify it via email. Just in case, they lose Subway Card, they can report it via phone to Subway Customer Service. And, the company will replace it with the new one.


Subway MyWay Rewards

The Subway Users who have decided to make a healthier life and want for balanced and healthy Foods from Subway Restaurants regularly, then their loyalty and commitment would be most certainly Rewarded. With the customer loyalty program of Subway MyWay Rewards, All Subway Users are able to Enjoy Meals from Subway easily.

Customers need not have to carry their physical cash to get their hands on some delicious Sandwiches, and the best part is that the more you spend on your favorite foods at Subway, you will get a chance to unlock some of the Great Deals, Offers and Promotional Codes that are exclusively available for you.

Program Benefits:

  • When You Spend your Money at any Subway store You will earn 4 Tokens in Return.
  • When you collect a total of 200 Tokens, you are able to Trade Them all through the Subway MyWay Reward Program in order to Earn a $2 Reward.
  • The Reward you earn by trading in the Tokens allows you to Pay for Products that You purchase from partnering Subway Stores.
  • As a Member of the loyalty program, you also have a great chance to enjoy some benefits such as Bonus on Order Savings, Free Tokens, Discounted add-ons on Your Meals & More.
  • Mysubwaycard comes with an Online App (Android/iOS) that gives you a chance to Easily Check the Tokens balance and even pay for your orders cashless.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • If you want to become a Member of the MySubwayCard program then you need to be at least 13 Years of Age or older.
  • Only the Customer’s Legal Residents of the United States and U.S. Territories such as Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam, are eligible to participate in the Subway MyWay Reward Program.
  • Valid only at The Select Number of Subway Store Franchises that Participate in the Subway MyWay Reward Program.
  • Mysubwaycard Tokens can be earned by either using the Physical Membership Card, providing your Registered Mobile Number, or by using the Subway MyWay app (Android/iOS).

How does My Subway Card Rewards Program Actually Work?

  1. First, Sign up or get a Subway App on your Device. You need to have the Subway Card with you. If you have an e-card, you are automatically qualified for the Subway Rewards. Just need to sign up online, and you are good to go.
  2. Once you register your card just activate it and use it. means, visiting your favorite Subway Restaurant, Order Your Best Sandwich, wrap, salad, or baked goodies. Make payment with your Subway Gift Cards and get Rewards Automatically.
  3. Now Earn the tokens to get a free Amount on your card. For every amount you spend, you earn 4 Tokens. You need to Accumulate 200 tokens and get $2. so the more amount you will use from your card, the more you will earn the Tokens and free Dollars to Redeem. Accumulate as many tokens as you can by using your card frequently during your subway visits.
  4. Now Enjoy the rewards. Once you accumulate enough tokens to earn your free Dollars, you will enjoy the Rewards, through the app or your online account, you will see surprises, Offers, and Delicious Deals for you to enjoy each time you Choose to Dine at Subway.



Register & Login At Website

Mysubwaycard Login is the Website that allows its Customers who hold Gift Cards provided by Subway in order to Register, Manage, Activate, and Check their Gift Card Balance Online. Also, Customers are able to Reload their Gift Cards. With each use of Gift Cards, the Customers will Earn Reward Points. These Rewards Points can be used to get Free Items like Drinks, Chips, and Sandwiches through their place. In order to access the Subway Gift Cards, all the customers need to Register or Sign Up for their Gift Cards. The Registration/Sign Up Process of Mysubwaycard Gift cards is very simple. you have to follow the Given below Steps:

  1. First, Enter Into the MySubwayCard Official Website which is
  2. Now Click on the Subway Card Menu at the top of the screen.
  3. Now Click on the ‘‘Register a Card’’  Button from where you will be redirected to The Sign-Up Page.
  4. Now Enter all the required information such as Your Name, Email Address, Password, Mobile Number, Your Address, Gender, Birthday, etc.
  5. Now Provide your My Subway Reward Card Credentials such as Your Card Number and PIN. Make sure you have entered the right PIN because It’s the only way they will verify you.
  6. Now Fill out the Security Question and the answer. This comes in handy when you need to reset your password.
  7. Now Click on the “Submit” button.
  8. Your Registration to the Subwaycard Website is Completed.
  9. After Successful Registration, you are able to Sign In at Mysubwaycard Website.

How To Login Into MySubwaycard Account?

  1. First, Visit the Website.
  2. Now Enter Your Email and Password in the given provided Fields Correctly.
  3. Now Fill out the Captcha Verification Code. This is to prove that you are the real cardholder of the Subway Gift Card. Now Click on the “Submit” button once you have confirmed.
  4. Now, you are Free to Use To Your Mysubwaycard Account.

How To Activate Your Subway® Gift Card At

Once you have Successfully Registered your Subway Gift Card, Now you have to Activate the card to use it. The Process of activating Mysubwaycard is very Easy and Fast. It will not take much of your time. In Order To Activate mysubwaycard, You need to follow the Given Following Steps.:

  1. First, Visit the Mysubwaycard Official Website.
  2. Now Click on the “My Cards” Button from where you will be redirected to the Login Page.
  3. Once You Visit the Login Page Now You need to fill in the Mysubwaycard Username and Password.
  4. After that, you need to click on the “Submit” button, Now Your Login Process is started. After That, You are able to Check Your Account Details and Activate Your Subway Gift Card.
  5. So now basically whenever you will Buy a Meal from the Subway Restaurant, you need to visit and log in with Your credentials and Enter the PIN Code which will be provided on your Bill. When you will submit that, you will Earn Free Points. Once the Points are enough, you will get the Free Meal or Discount Coupons Online which can be Redeemed at the Restaurant.

Activate Your Card


Manage Mysubwaycard And Check The Subway Gift Card Balance

After Creating your Account at Mysubwaycard and Activating your Subway Gift Cards you will get a lot of benefits. Customers can Easily Manage their Subway Gift Cards through the Website. Also, you are able to check your Mysubwaycard Subway Gift Card Balance Online Easily. Also, you can earn a lot of Reward Points through your Mysubwaycard Gift Cards. Here Below is the Complete step-by-step process of Mysubwaycard Manage and Check Subway Gift Card Balance Online:

  1. At Gift Visit the Website and Click on the “Subway Card” Button.
  2. Now Login To your Mysubwaycard Account and check all the details.
  3. Now Check the Available Balance of your Mysubwaycard Gift Cards.
  4. Also, you can contact customer Service (1-8333-778-2929) in order to know your Subway Gift Card Balance.
  5. Or You Can Visit the Nearest subway Stores where the Subway Employees will help you with Complete knowledge about your Mysubwaycard.

My Subway Card Customer Service Details

You can visit the official website of Subway which is Call on customer care number for more details.

Subway gift card balance phone number: 1-877-697-8222

Contact Subway Via Online.

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